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I grew up in a small town called Athens, WV with a population less than 2500.  Growing up in a small town gave me aspiration to seek out the world beyond such small borders and prove not only to myself but to my whole family and town that I could be a success!  When I headed off to college, I realized I had taken the first leap towards that goal.  After repeatedly nailing the Deans list at West Virginia University while holding down a job to pay my way in conjunction with a full load of courses, I said to myself, "Yeah, I got this", and decided to pursue multiple degrees before settling and moving forward with a career.  Equipped with degrees in Accounting, Management Information System and Communications, I decided to relocate and dive in head first. I've been working and living in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area since moving to North Carolina in 2005.  Since relocating I haven't looked backwards, except to show appreciation to my family and small town for giving me the BIG values which have led me down the path traveled, and has brought me so far!


In 2005, I married my best friend and partner in life, Patrick.  In December of 2012, we welcomed our son into the family, and in 2015 his sister came on the scene to complete our family.  We plan to raise our children under the same morals and guiding principals in which I was raised and learned about while living in small town WV.  

Incredible family values, strong moral beliefs, and ethical behavior are the foundation of who we are, which is bundled up in  a nice package called pride, and is what we love to share where ever we go.